Can Education System Produce Geniuses?

Is the Present Education System Capable Of Creating Geniuses?

Having a genius kid in the house is a challenging matter for most parents. Although everyone wishes to have a relative who performs extraordinarily in school, it is not always the cases since being genius is not something anyone can nurture. It should be noted that being such kind of a student is not entirely entitled to an education. However, the pending question remains: “Does education contribute to creating geniuses�

The present system of education is capable of developing the best talents, unlike how it was over the past few decades ago. This gives students the capabilities to discover their interests and hobbies since it gives them a chance to try out various activities in the digital world. These activities are interactive and involve subjects such as science, arts, athletics, engineering, and technology. Academic institutions are willing to produce quality education to learners. However, it takes book report help an individual’s interests and willingness to master these skills to becoming the genius the society aspires to have.

The educational system is overwhelmed to produce the best students, which explains why schools are aiming at further polishing academic standards. However, strict education curricula and examinations do not give enough privileges to students to fully explore what they want to do. If an educational system continues to be based on theories and coursework ideologies instead of focusing on interest, students will not be able to put their creativity into practice.

How Can Schools Improve the Education System?

Colleges and other institutions providing higher education are enthusiastic about educating students to enhance the level of literacy in society. However, schools need to offer something that will be beneficial to all. Learners should be exposed to quality learning materials that are relevant to their future careers. For instance, a kid is training to be a professional farmer; he/she should be exposed to the necessary theories and practice of land use and calculations.

Availing the required resources to students enhances the process of training, which helps learners to combine the ‘motion’ and ‘knowledge.’ Trainers should be innovative in the process of training students to become their respective personalities. As a result, students will gain a deep understanding and impression of the concepts that will build their interest in the careers of their choice.

College students can excel when their curiosity in a particular field is recognized. Work-related opportunities should also be provided for students to help them sharpen their hobbies and interests.

The Education System Should Favour Students’ Interests

Students have their interests, which can be developed if schools identifying these potentials. A standard schooling scheme will not be enough to help learners to develop their novel project concepts or strengthen their weaknesses. However, that doesn’t mean that an education system is inadequate or irrelevant. A schooling scheme helps to enhance the level of discipline, which also enables students to monitor and choose how they’ll showcase their knowledge to society.